The Barbra Streisand album
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Hoes = in goede staat

Elpee = in goede staat

LP nummer: CBS 32010



Wij verkopen alleen goede 2e hands elpees


Wij verzenden de bestelde elpees uiterlijk 7 werkdagen


Altijd binnen 10 werkdagen in huis bij vooruitbetaling

Kant 1:

1. did you ever hear helen morgan sing?
2. Were you ever at the theatre when fanny brice clowned in her
3. Classic comedie way or when Beatrice lille deliciously poked fun
4. At all sham and pomp?
5. Have you heard our top vocalists belt whisper or sing with

kant 2:

1. That steady and urgent beat being them?
2. Have you ever seen a painting by modigliani
3. If you have, do not think the aove has been ballooned out of
4. Proportion. I advise you to watch Barbra Streisand's career.
5. This yougt lady (A mere twenty) has a stunning future.
6. Keep listening keep watching and please remember, i told you so….

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