Saskia & Serge - The best from the west
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Hoes = in goede staat

Elpee = in goede staat

LP nummer: KTLP 219-1



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Kant 1:

1. The country disco train
2. Stand by your man
3. A dear john letter
4. Devil woman
5.  The country disco train
6. Bleu bayou
7. C'est la vie
8. The guitar man (The devil went to Georgia)
9. Together again
10. Blanket on the ground
11. Let it be me
12. It's so easy

Kant 2:

1. Yippy ah yeah
2. Soem broken hearts
3. Contry roads
4. Ruby, don';t take your love to town
5. Jolene
6. I'm glad i'm a country girl
7. Jambalaya
8. Oh lonesome me
9. Yippy ah yeah (Ghost riders in the sky)
10. Rose garden
11. The end of the world
12. Play me that song one more time
13. Yakety gags
14. Tennessee waltz


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